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    Monday, 10 March 2014


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    Tony, as people buy from people (who have done it before) my guess is your client who highlighted that someone had lifted your tool ended up buying from you anyway?

    Deciding not to share is an understandable, though extreme reaction, capable of doing yourself more damage as you opt out of the wider knowledge flows that drive your own innovation.

    Perhaps consider using the openness of the web to expose transgressors is a strategy (many seem reluctant to do this), combined with local tactics (such as staged charging for knowledge sharing - making sure they at least pay for what they steal and keeping premium content for verified clients) to manage short-term disruption?

    Finally, solace in the fact flattery is the best form of imitation, in the long run we're all dead anyway, and karma's gonna get us in the end...


    Marcus, thanks - and to those who've emailed.

    You're right - I won't be overly restricting what I write, but I noticed my reluctance and wanted to make it public. I also wanted people to understand when I do draw a line on what I'll share in public versus private.

    There are those who see the "open source methods" in the Cognitive Edge approach and expect that to apply to everything. And that's not appropriate - we have choice over the limits we choose. I could, if I chose, decide that I'll only share my words of wisdom in exchange for cash - but then I'd have to be pretty sure they're actually words of wisdom!

    In fact, that first occasion they never did buy from me - and all but accused me of lifting other people's material. A useful experience, but not one that's restricted me over the years.

    Nor will the current experiences. But they will make me more sceptical of some of the offers/partnerships people approach me with...


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