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Chief Storyteller, Narrate Consulting
Clophill, MK45 4BE

Tony Quinlan has spent 20 years shaping communications and change programmes for blue chip companies, international aid organisations and the public sector. Founding Narrate in 2000, he’s developed powerful frameworks that generate more shared understanding and hence greater engagement than traditional communication methods.

Most recently, he’s been working with public and private sector clients to develop new ways of surveying audiences - with more meaning, easier action planning and better early warning of problems. He's addressed international cultural differences, salesforce performance, gang recruitment among young people and is at the forefront of developing a worldwide store of young people's stories, describing and sharing culture and knowledge on a global scale.

The author of the narrative tools chapter of the recent Melcrum Employee Engagement guide, he writes and speaks regularly on branding, culture, change, communications and leadership.

Today he is a keynote speaker, expert facilitator and international consultant. But he’s also been a radio presenter, actor, software programmer, TV tuner, radar designer and lift attendant. Needless to say, he’s got stories about all of them.